Thursday, September 5, 2013

New York in black in white in the 1980s

Some photos I took in New York in the 1980s.

Union Square Park undergoing renovations, 1985. The S. Klein department store, closed in 1975 and razed in 1987, in the left background.

USS Maine Monument, Columbus Circle, as seen from Central Park

Brooklyn Bridge, looked at Manhattan. Notice World Trade Center on the right.

The Air Line Diner, near La Guardia Airport. Seen in GOODFELLAS.

Queenboro Plaza station of the 7 train. On the left in the distance are the new Silvercup Studios sign and the Citicorp building

Don't know where this is
The FDR Drive, with the famous PepsiCo sign in Long Island City in the background

Mondale - Ferraro rally in Midtown, 1984, on 6th Avenue. "Reagan will raise taxes, too." - no wonder they lost!

The Age of Graffiti. The shadow outline in the back was all over town

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  1. Made me nostalgic for my arrival in NYC mid 1980s. Thanks, Ed. You have a great eye. Robin